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Since Adam and Eve tried the golden apple, the relationship between a man and a woman has been unique and fated by God. Cultural roots, ancestries, and religious beliefs have shaped marriages for thousands of years1. To witness love and relationship, wedding is celebrated with a rich history. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. But one thing in common is that brilliant wedding images could be always memorable for couples and their families and friends. iZoom studio is a workspace to take, develop and print photographs pioneering in a professional way in Southern India from the first wedding that we shot in 2012. We’re in this business for the enjoyment of photography and having fun with people. We take up a very limited number of weddings every year. We want to keep it simple. Wedding coverage is our major interest and passion. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. We use the best in class equipment along with skill and artistic eye to get the right image and we are dedicated in getting unscripted moments & emotions captured which are unique to each wedding happened all over South India. We specialize in Romantic Engagement shoots, Creative Wedding Portraits, Outdoor Wedding Photography, Kids Photography and much more. We look forward to being a part of your story!

Portfolio & Description

iZoom Studios, is a team of 20+ lensmen and designer nerds who meticulously work to make every wedding we do for our clients a wonderful love story. We are flexible and love to travel wherever you wish to, to capture your fascinating and dreamy momentous memories in a gilded frame. We have already traveled to varied locations such as Coimbatore, Erode, Madurai, Tirupur to name a few. We are eagerly waiting to explore our horizons and discover new locations at your weddings.

Being the best candid wedding photographers, we aspirate to always offer our clients the best of the best. Our relationship goes beyond our job. We make every effort to know the couple and their families so that every precious moment is captured with utmost care. Right from giving ideas and suggestions about the location, the colors of the attire, photo booth ideas, etc., we are proud to offer a personalized touch for all our clients.

Great photography comes from that special moment when beautiful light, a unique location and dynamic composition all combine to capture and create emotion. The emotion may be the raw determination of a swimmer lunging to touch the wall, the laughter of a small child as she plays with a sibling, or that special feeling you have as you witness a once in a lifetime occasion. Whether photographing athletes for a specialty publication, or shooting a family photo session, this is my goal as a professional photographer, to capture those emotions, to record those moments, and preserve those memories forever.

Traditional Indian Wedding photography is also all about the details. Our lenses are tuned to blend in with the ambience, understand your emotions, and capture all the candid moments that are so part of a fleeting reality.

Rest assured, we would love to be a part of your wedding and wow you with colorful, jaw dropping pictures of moments that are truly yours. We will show you a world within yourself that you probably did not realise existed. We would love to have our lens focus you. On your wedding. On your moments. Our ultimate reward will come years later, when you look at your photographs, and those memories once again come to life.

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