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Videos are the ones that help us relive our wedding event. We specialize in making cinematic wedding films besides these our videos highlight the important traditional rituals of your community, we also make your candid moments more romantic than you could believe it was.


A photograph is not just a picture, it usually carries the memories of the most beloved moments of our lives. To emphasize its importance, it can be rephrased as the element in a person’s life that makes us relive the moment whenever we go through them.


Albums are artistic tools crafted, refined and produced at the hands of experts who highlightdesigns using our embossing printing technology,more of it we add glittery pages to your gala event that takes the experience of viewing the photos to a whole new level.

Kids Zone

The journey of a newlywed from a dazzling young couple filled with love to parenthood always comes with a little bundle of Joy (baby Icon). To cherish those momentsbook us and our boisterous team will bejewel the kid's life with pics of the kid in adorable props and wrap up a picture treasure for eternity.

Tours and Packages

iZoom studios believe that a wedding is complete only with a Honeymoon at an exotic destination but we strongly believe that post-wedding shoot as to a Honeymoon as a dessert is to a fulfilling meal.